Saturday, August 20, 2011

Role Reversal: Striking Verizon 'Worker' Takes a Beating on Long Island

Sounds to me like this union guy "got in the face" of someone actually doing their job and got what he had coming. Of course, unlike when union goons beat people up, the guy who delivered the beatdown was arrested.

A Verizon union worker was hospitalized after a physical altercation with a non-union Verizon manager Thursday in Riverhead.

Dennis Dunn was taken to the hospital following a squabble with George Googe, an out-of-state Verizon manager. Googe was arrested and charged with second-degree harassment, according to Riverhead police.

The dispute occurred in front of the Suffolk County National Bank on West 2nd Street in Riverhead, nearby where Verizon union members were picketing, said Donald Dunn, executive Vice President of Communications Workers of America Local 1108, who is the brother of the hospitalized union member.

Dennis went to the protest to check on the demonstration when Googe crossed the picket line, said Dunn. Googe was later arrested.

“I know he was very upset…he’s a little shaken,” said Dunn about his brother, who was not wearing a red shirt like other union members when the incident occurred.

Verizon said though a spokesperson: “We’re looking into the allegations and we will respond accordingly. We don’t tolerate or condone any illegal behavior by any employee.”
Well, these things can happen when you run around announcing we're here to fight. Sometimes people punch back twice as hard.

Oh well.

After weeks of threats, harassment, intimidation, cutting power lines, putting little girls in front of trucks, picketing outside people's homes and overall thuggish behavior, one of them finally gets a punch in the mouth. Now they'll play the sympathy card. Good luck with that. About time someone stood up to these punks.


Toejam said...

Cops belong to unions too!

rich b said...

Looks like the union guy brought a knife to a gunfight. Tough shit for him.

Oscar V. said...

Sadly, he will be fired. Managers are held to a high standard hopefully there are witness.

pst314 said...

"We don’t tolerate or condone any illegal behavior by any employee."

In contrast to your union friends, who support any sort of violence up to and including murder.