Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sorry Barry, I Ain't Playing This Year

Barack is once again taking to the airwaves and attempting to turn the commemoration of the attack on 9/11 into one big national community organizing day. In his weekly address this week he led off with the reason that 9/11 holds a dear spot in the heart of Americans and then goes into talking about all of the great efforts and acts of volunteering and giving that went on in its aftermath completely oblivious to the irony of those statements. None of those acts were the result of any government program or mandate. They were organized and executed by private businesses, citizens, and charity groups. In the age of government intervention into everything from lemonade stands to guitar manufacturers it makes one wonder if such actions could be carried out today.

I refuse to let the day be turned into some sort of touchy-feely volunteer service day. There are good organizations and people who do this sort of thing on a daily basis and don't need that one special day of the year to carry out their acts just to fulfill some sort ego attention gratification. Groups I especially like are those like the Wounded Warrior Project and Soldiers Angels, since I have a strong affinity for the military community.

For those seeking some sort of attention and their 15 seconds of fame on the local newscast, go for it. Mug for the camera, say something pithy and then make sure to get copies of footage so that you can show it to family and friends to show them that for one day out of your life you were somebody. For those that do this daily, unseen and without much fanfare, you have my deepest appreciation and I hope that you will be able to continue to do your good work without fear of our Department of Justice also carrying out a raid on your charity or business because it is discovered you didn't contribute to the 'right' political people.


Eli said...

Wow.  I made it 11 seconds into Obama yapping before I hit stop.  Seeing as how those first 11 seconds sound like "come along, everyone hug, it was a great day last year to show your solidarity to *insert event*"  Instead of a solemn event where people come to remember the loss of lives, by murderous thugs screaming *GOD IS GREAT!*

laZrtx said...

He just wants to show off his golfers tan.