Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clueless Occupy LA Mob Still Can't Come Up With Coherent Demands: 'Everybody Is Pretty Much Just Partying It Up'

Put down the bongs and tell us what you want. We need something formal to point and laugh at.
There are a lot of big ideas floating around Occupy L.A., but not a whole lot of consensus. The protesters have yet to codify a list of demands. In recent days, tensions within the group have spiked over drug use and growing numbers of homeless who have joined the camp.

Rachel Goldie, 20, decided to leave the protest Wednesday because she felt it had been corrupted by people who didn't care about economic justice. "Everybody is pretty much just partying it up," she said.

Police have been watching the protest closely from a command post inside City Hall. The department sent more than 30 officers to monitor the protest last weekend, Smith said. The daily and weekend deployments are not costing the city extra money, he said. But, he said, the protest is "taking police services away from the rest of the city where they should be out answering 911 calls."
Crime victims must be thrilled.


JLo said...

Long suffering Los Angeles area parents are joyfully changing the locks, while their obnoxious parasitic adult offspring have briefly vacated the extra bedroom, bongs in hand.

tinker thinker said...

Maybe someone should tell Joe.

Trench Report said...

leftists are screwing up leftist cities. oh my!