Sunday, October 16, 2011

Communists Join OWS Chicago Temper Tantrum

Well, I guess that makes it official. We've got Communists, Nazis and assorted anti-Semites, the Iranians and domestic terrorist supporters, Hugo Chavez, Obama and the ghost of MLK, and Nancy Pelosi all in solidarity supporting the occupiers.

Great company.

Reflecting what the movement is all about, a kid in Chicago summed things up perfectly.
“I have no idea what’s going on,” said Evan Mumm, 9.

His father Derek agreed that while he wasn’t sure what the goal of the protest was, he was enjoying the spectacle.

“I think it’s awesome people are getting together,” he said. “Hopefully [Republican presidential candidate] Herman Cain can change this all.”

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drfredc said...

This OWS 2011 session is probably just practice for the OWS 2012 to be held during the October runup to elections.  It's being positioned to carry water for Obama and his policies, without having the Obamacrats spend a dime...

Why else schedule OWS 2011 in October? 

The GOP LOSERship, who generally have enough trouble talking their way out of a wet paper bag, will be left confounded by their options -- attack the Obamacrats, or OWS...   OWS are likely to aggressively defend any Obamacrat Class Warfare proposals (with lots of PRESSSSSidential help), but attacking the OWS losers may not provide much traction against Obamacrat Class Warfare.  Which means, look for the PRESSSident to try to make the 2012 election between OWS and the GOP, not the GOP and the Obamacrats -- freeing the Obamacrats to do and say most any radical thing they want...