Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liberal Relic Wets Herself Over OWS

They never do grow up, do they?
I think it's exciting, to tell you the truth!
She quotes extensively from her "crazy wonderful" husband's book that sounds like a Marxist tract.

She calls OWS a "Democrat and Republican" movement and gushes about robbers barons and square deals. She's apparently a lot older than I thought.

Imus also had on this tool Matt Taibbi. Supposedly some esteemed journalist. Sounds like a stammering idiot.


mpfs79 said...

Didn't Doris Kearns Goodwin date Teddy Roosevelt at one time? 

Steve Davidson said...

Hmm. Does her husband's book say anything about taking a dump on a police car?

Tawny Jones said...

Kearns-Goodwin spoke from the managed-care facility which barely keeps her alive, and Taibbi crawled out from under the baseboard in the gay bathouse where he resides. Imus is disgusting, and so are his guests.

DANEgerus said...

Did Doris Kearns Goodwin write this herself or was it more plagiarism?

Anonymous said...

K-G and Taibbi rae both little more than plagarist and liar/frauds that populate the idiot media. The Fox Biz reporter did a great job and he made Taibbi appear uninformed and juvenile as usual.