Monday, October 03, 2011

Obama and the New Black Panthers: Perfect Together

Race-baiting charlatan Barack Obama has once again been exposed in devastating fashion by Andrew Breitbart today. In advance of a new book from J. Christian Adams, who resigned from Obama’s Justice Department in the wake of New Black Panther voter intimidation scandal that was squashed by Eric Holder.

Breitbart has photos and a story relating to Obama appearing and marching with member of the NBPP in Selma, AL, including with notorious racist Malik Zulu Shabazz.

I noticed some traffic to this post from March 2008, back during the height of Obama's primary with Hillary Clinton and who was featured on Obama's own website but none other than the New Black Panthers.

Barack Obama and a virulent racist hate group. Don't expect much media attention to that. Instead what is the media focusing on? Looking under every rock to find dirt on Republicans.

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FrankG said...

"I never heard a word of hate uttered by Reverend Wright...uhhhh Malik Shabazz"