Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy LA Protester: 'Zionist Jews' Who Run Banks Should Be Run Out of the Country

These people aren't even trying to hide their ugly anti-Semitism.

The LA school district must be so proud of her.

Update: Full Reason video here, via Hot Air.


FrankG said...

Gee, I hope she's teaching kids that same .....hope and change. From 1938

Carole said...

One cannot help but notice that she is a minority. What if someone said the same about her race?? I'll tell you what would happen--all hell would break loose. In her tiny, bigoted brain she thinks what she said is OK--and she is supposedly educating our youth. God help us!

Rick said...

The media is keen on putting a magnifying glass on the Tea Party to find evidence of bigotry and they've been able to find nothing.  Yet the theme continues that the Tea Party is based in racism.  Now here is a blatant example (one of many) of the bigotry of the left and the media is nowhere to be found.

Rose said...

They sound like WW2 era Germany.  She forgets, after the Jews, they came next for everyone else, too - ONE AT A TIME.  What she does to others shall come home to her and be what is done to her. Hard lesson to have to learn again.

Richard Butler said...

<span><span>What a racist POS! I wonder if this lame-ass excuse for a human being realizes that quite a few Jews have died and been injured in the quest to help gain HER civil rights. Has she ever heard of the three who died in Mississippi one night many years ago murdered by the KKK. Two of those kids were Jews. Sounds like she's been listening to Farrakhan and RevRearend Al Sharpton a little too much and not reading the history books. Either way she made a huge asshole out of herself. And I doubt she could even give an accurate definition of the term Zionism. She probably thinks it's about a piece of land in Utah that Israel is coveting for some new settlements. </span>  
<span>What a fucking idiot she is along with the media for completely ignoring such an asinine statement. Rick Perry is being crucified for a years old rock with the N-word on it that he had nothing to do with and she pukes up this bile. Fucking amazing!  
I hope and pray she's a janitor or bus driver and not a teacher if she works for the LAUSD. Sounds like that's about her education level.</span></span>

Mike Florey said...

What a nice message to hear on the Shabbat. Thank you, liberal fascists, for setting back race relations to 1960.