Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paltry Crowd Toting Oversized Novelty Checks Demand Redistribution of Wealth

Listening to this motley mob it almost sounds as if they're reciting Obama word for word.
A horde of anti-Wall Street protesters marched through the Upper East Side yesterday, rallying outside the homes of some of the city’s most prominent businessmen.

Dubbed the “Millionaire’s March,” it attracted about 450 demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street movement who have been camped out at lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park since Sept. 17.
Only 450 people? And these people are commanding worldwide news coverage? I heard a CBS News radio report yesterday saying there were more police than protesters. So why are they getting such attention?
“They’re making so much money out of our pockets, it’s not fair. I can’t afford to live and these guys fly jets,” said Yubelca Morel, 40, an unemployed social worker from Washington Heights.

“These guys need to pay more taxes.”
Waaaah. It's not fair!

Can anyone explain to me how someone is taking money out of the pockets of an unemployed social worker?
The group focused its venom on the December expiration of New York state’s 2 percent “millionaire’s tax” -- and some members carried a game-show-sized check for $5 billion made payable to “The Top One Percent.”

“Billionaires are living it up with multiple houses, and I’m struggling to get by day to day,” said Brittini Gray, 22, a community organizer.

“They need to redistribute the wealth in America.”
Why that's a novel idea? Say, Ms. Community Organizer, how shall we go about that? Would you prefer to pick up your fair share in person each week or would you like it direct deposit?

Meanwhile, these idiots seem surprised nobody's home to welcome them in.
"Nobody comes to the door, not even the doormen. They won't even open the doors," mourned Rex Stewart of the Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope, who was carrying one of the oversize stunt checks.
Organizing alliance for hope? Excuse me, but what the fu-k is that?

Naturally, a shining star of academia managed to squeeze some marching time into his busy schedule.
"This is the best that street theater could possibly be," said Stuart Chen-Hayes, a CUNY professor.

"To be able to go up to the door of a man like Rupert Murdoch, who has single-handedly been responsible for challenging democracy in Australia, Britain and the US - it's one of the most powerful things I've ever done."

He said he came to the march because some of his graduate students, many of whom come from struggling homes in the Bronx, are being forced to drop out by higher CUNY fees.

"When these giant mega-billionaires are running off with huge tax cuts, my students have to pay more tuition," Chen-Hayes said.
Here's a look a Prof. Chen-Hayes.
Academic Interests

Transforming School Counseling; Implementing Standards-Based, Data-Driven Professional School Counseling programs to close Achievement, Opportunity, and Attainment Gaps; Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling; Counseling practicum and internship; Family Counseling; Sexuality Counseling; Counseling and Advocacy with Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgendered, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, and Two-Spirit Persons; Professional Identity in Counseling; School Counselor's Roles in Educational Leadership
This clown living on the public payroll teaching mind-mush should find more constructive things to do with his time.


Forrest Sergente said...

Military pay and benefits are supposedly so good that I bet these unemployed 'Protest Wall Street' folks are just flooding the recruiting stations... I mean, its not like you're signing up to work for an "evil" corporation or anything, as it's a government job, and you work directly for the President, the Commander and Chief of the military.

Scott said...

What the hell is a Two-Spirit person?

Emerson Shiff said...

I'm assuming Community Organizer is another way of saying Unemployed - up there with Funemployment.

submandave said...

"When these giant <span>mega-billionaires</span> are running off with huge tax cuts, my students have to pay more tuition"

I'm glad he's nto a professor of logic, or there'd be a line fo folks demanding their money back.  If the students are pissed off that their tuition has gone up far in excess of inflation rates or that CUNY is encouraging them to take out $100K+ in loans to get a piece of paper that does fuck-all to help them get a job, then they should be protesting and/or suing the university, not some random rich guy. 

Useful idiots, indeed.

William Maron said...

I wouldn't let this guy within a mile of my kids. What a load of PC garbage.

bandit said...

an unemployed social worker

Brittini Gray, 22, <span>a community organizer</span>

Rex Stewart of the Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope,

Stuart Chen-Hayes, a CUNY professor

A diverse group of non-workers