Saturday, October 15, 2011

Police Hospitalized After Obama OWS Riots Turn Violent

Resist they much.
Police say more than 70 people have been arrested in New York City during demonstrations against corporate greed, including 45 in Times Square.

Two police officers suffered injuries and had to be hospitalized. One had a head injury.
Obama could call off his dogs, but he'll probably just incite them further.

Why do Obama and his rioters hate the police?

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Jethro said...

Wall Street does not create the over 87% of the jobs created by the Middle Classes. Wall Street does not make job killing policies nor do they dictate the direction of companies and how they are built up, the "GOVERNMENT", does! Ever since we grew away from the path Reagan built for us, we have watched one job killing regulation after another burdening businesses and stgnating them to the point that they cannot grow...The Government, and now Obama as the biggest job killer we have ever witnessed by the taxes and the regulations he is employing wiping out many small businesses and the truth is there for all to see.