Saturday, October 08, 2011

Sick: OWS Protester Defecates on NYPD Vehicle

Funny, but I don't ever see 99% of the population doing something so disgusting.
This are the shocking scenes that have led some people to accuse the Occupy Wall Street protesters living rough in New York's financial district of creating unsanitary and filthy conditions.

Exclusive pictures obtained by Mail Online show one demonstrator relieving himself on a police car.

Elsewhere we found piles of stinking refuse clogging Zucotti Park, despite the best efforts of many of the protestors to keep the area clean.

The shocking images demonstrate the extent to which conditions have deteriorated as demonstrations in downtown Manhattan enter their fourth week.

According to eye witnesses, when people ran to tell nearby police about the man defecating on the squad car they were ignored.

Standing downwind of the piles of rubbish, bankers walking past the man did a double take before hurrying away.

Brookfield Office Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park, the site of the New York demonstration, have already railed against protesters, who they claim are creating sanitation problems.

'Sanitation is a growing concern,' Brookfield said in a statement.
Speaking of feces, if you scroll down at the link you'll see Man of the People Keith Olberdork down there yesterday.

H/T Patrick.

Update: Thanks to Hot Air for the links. Also posted at Ace of Spades HQ. Best comment:

Now look, it's already inspired a t-shirt (H/T).

Remember, as Nancy Pelosi famously said:
"God bless them," Pelosi said, "for their spontaneity. It's independent ... it's young, it's spontaneous, and it's focused. And it's going to be effective."
And it's going to be over after this.


JLo said...

Democrat party vermin defecate on all of us.

Karl Magnus said...

Oh this is nothing really ...
Just compare it THE NATIONAL Mall after the inauguration Teh One.
Filthy pigs abound.


Anonymous said...

God bless them. - N. Pelosi

Danno aJunkyardDog said...

Typical Democrat voter? Could be! :o)

mreastla said...

Fucking assholes, too bad because there is a reason for the protest, although muddled within all that marxist bullshit, we do have a problem with crony capitalism which both parties practice and is destroying our Republic. The solution we need to return to the constitutional principles that led to the greatness of this country, fuck keynes, fuck marx, fuck socialism.

PortraitsPlus said...

Time to break out the fire hoses and clean up the streets.

Michael Paone said...

Um.. I don't see any source to this photo.  Can anyone prove it is actually a protester, or that it was taken anytime in recent history.  You know, there are a lot of homeless people in NYC, with a lot of psychological problems.

Matt Combes said...

@Michael Paone ... do you know how links work? You'll find that the picture comes from a Daily Mail article, and if you look at the actual picture itself, it's attributed to the photographer who took it, Stefan Jeremiah, who also is credited as the photographer for 4 or 5 other shots in that Daily Mail article that are obviously from the OWS protests. If you do a google search of his name, you'll find his LinkedIn profile, which shows he works for Bear Witness Pictures (which appears to be his own freelance photography company), which is located in ... NYC. If you locate his Twitter feed (@stefbearwitness), you can see that he posted this tweet in response to someone's question about that photo ... "@bobdobolina the story was I was down there covering the #ows. saw a guy take a dump on a police car and then wander back into the square."  Shall we do any other remedial research for you? said...

what a perfect t-shirt. haha