Thursday, December 31, 2009

CIA Suicide Bomber Invited on Base, Not Searched

What the heck is going on here? We've got a "secret" CIA base and then people can stroll in without being subject to search?
The Associated Press has learned that the suicide bomber who killed seven CIA employees at a remote outpost in southeastern Afghanistan had been invited onto the base and was not searched.

A former senior intelligence official says the man was being courted as an informant and that it was the first time he had been brought inside the camp.

The official says a senior and experienced CIA debriefer came from Kabul for the meeting, suggesting that the purpose of the meeting was to gain intelligence.
Remarkably, an Obama administration official is using the T-word.
Leon Panetta, the CIA chief, said that the deaths were “the result of a terrorist attack” and that the victims were “far from home, doing the hard work that must be done to protect our country from terrorism”.
Thankfully the absurd "man-caused disaster" seems to now be out of vogue now that reality has hit home twice this week.

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