Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Are In The Best Of Hands

Who said it?
"I'm going to sit by my friend Lula," he said, moving toward Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
A) Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez
B) American President Barack Obama
C) Libyan dictator Moammar Gahdaffi
D) Iranian thug Ahmadinejaid

Well, I would hope that years of taking multiple choice tests would help. The old rule is when in doubt choose B. And you would be right.

It seems that Barry O's trip to Copenhagen was just one misstep after another by his team and himself. These guys are like the gang that can't shoot straight. Obama is blinded by his narcissistic attitude that the world revolves around him, and as far as other world leaders are considered, he needs to be seated at the kiddy table and leave the grown-ups alone, and he is becoming quite an irritant to them.

What follows is just some of events that our community organizer-in-chief engaged in that reads like a rough draft of Three Stooges episode.
The president of the United States walked into a meeting of fellow world leaders and there wasn't a chair for him, a sure sign he was not expected, maybe not even wanted.
Instead of attending a planned meeting with Denmark's prime minister, he plunged into an emergency session of about 20 nations, big and small, wealthy and poor. Right away there was a troubling sign.

China was the only nation to send a second-tier official: vice foreign minister He Yafei instead of Premier Wen, who was in the building. The snub baffled and annoyed delegates.
No matter how hard China tried to tell Barry they weren't interested, he just kept stumbling along, secure in his knowledge that he was the most important man in the room. Uhmmm, no Barry. You have denigrated the office of President of the United States to such a low point that whoever we elect next is going to have one heckuva time restoring us back to the top. One thing I am pretty sure of is it ain't going to be you.
A short time later, however, the U.S. team was more baffled and irked than before. At a follow-up session of the morning's big meeting, the Chinese sent an even lower-ranking envoy in Wen's place.
This says Obama was unaware, which in Robert Gibbs speak, his Press Secretary, will say was unprecedented. This administration seems to be caught unaware a lot, whether by jobless numbers, the failure of their giveaways or simply the reaction to their latest grab of taxpayer money.
Obama was unaware, however, thinking he was going to meet alone with Wen. After some confusion about who had access to the room, White House aides told the president that Wen was inside with the leaders of the three other countries, apparently working on strategy.

"Good," Obama said as he walked through the door. "Mr. Premier, are you ready to see me?" he called out. "Are you ready?"

Inside he found startled leaders and no chair to sit in.
Does anybody get the image of other world leaders huddling together after Obama leaves the room and having a good laugh. I half expect Barack to walk out of a meeting sometime with a "Kick Me" sign neatly taped to the back of his jacket.

Yup, I feel so much better knowing these guys are in charge. The sad part is that out of the triumvirate--Nancy, Harry, and Barry--Barry might be the most competent.

Not even Andrea Mitchell of NBC News or Rachel Maddow of MSNBC can find a good spin to put on it, although they try. Even Andrea admits that for the most part the meeting in Copenhagen was a failure.

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