Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pakistan Charging U.S. Suspects, Will Seek Life Sentences

Looks like these charming young men won't be repatriated to the United States any time soon. If ever. So much for their future careers as ACORN community organizers.
Pakistani police say they plan to ask a court to charge five Americans arrested in early December with terrorism, and will seek life imprisonment sentences against them.

The young Muslim men, who are from the Washington, D.C., area, were captured in the eastern Pakistani city of Sargodha. The case spurred fears that Westerners are traveling to Pakistan to join militant groups.

Tahir Gujar, a senior police investigator in Sargodha, said Thursday that the men would appear in an anti-terrorist court on Jan. 4. He said police had almost concluded their investigation and that they were "certain that these five Americans wanted to carry out attacks in Pakistan."
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whereabouts unknown the past week, was unavailable for comment.

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