Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wonderful: Another Flight 253 Incident Heading to Detroit

Hmm. Let's see. Same flight, same airline, a Nigerian and he's flying without baggage.

Nah, can't be another possible man-caused disaster.

Just hope Obama isn't interrupted on the golf course for such a trivial incident.
Police have arrested a Nigerian man who reportedly became verbally disruptive and barricaded himself in the bathroom of a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight on Sunday.

Several police vehicles and a police command unit have surrounded a plane at Detroit's Metro Airport, after the pilot of a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight requested emergency help.

Two sources tell Fox News that the suspect boarded a plan in Lagos with no baggage, and said the FBI has already sent an email alert to other federal agencies notifying them of the incident.

The source said the man taken into custody at the Detroit airport was a Nigerian man in his 30s. Federal officials know who the suspect is, but won't provide any more details. He allegedly barricaded himself in the plane's bathroom for an hour.

There are some reports suggesting that the Nigerian man may have just been a sick passenger.

Detroit's Metro Airport spokesman John Witner said there was a report of suspicious activity on the Delta/Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam Sunday. That is the same flight number as the flight that Nigerian man Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was suspected of attempting to blow up over Detroit on Christmas Day.

Feds are trying to determine whether there is any connection with Abdulmutallab, who was arrested on Christmas.
Amazingly the incompetent hack running DHS actually said "the system worked" on Christmas.

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