Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Show Me the Women!

I guess this was inevitable.
Jerry Maguire star Cuba Gooding Jr., 41, is being pursued by several Hollywood producers to play philandering golfer Tiger Woods in a 2010 movie, the Daily Mail reported.

“It makes a great movie because people love the drama of seeing someone really successful fall from the top and then scramble to pick up the pieces of their life,” one producer told the UK newspaper.

Woods, 34, has been in the international spotlight since a bizarre car crash in his own driveway the day after Thanksgiving set off allegations of more than a dozen extramarital affairs.
Meanwhile, here's one of the more bizarre rumors now making the rounds.
In perhaps the craziest piece of Tiger Woods gossip to date, a respected sportswriter is claiming that the world's #1 golfer underwent reconstructive surgery.

After having his face broken by a golf club-wielding wife.

Furman Bisher cites, on his personal blog, inside sources telling him Tiger suffered a broken cheekbone and almost had his two front teeth knocked out.

He writes that the injuries are the real reason Woods has gone AWOL since his fight with Elin Woods and subsequent car crash right after Thanksgiving.

Bisher says a trustworthy journalist colleague sent him this information on Tiger, which he posted online to "present the picture in its clearest form."

However, the whole thing smells a bit like a hoax to us.
Speaking of damage, Woods not only stands to lose hundreds of millions for his stupidity, but sponsors may be getting clipped into the billions.

Here's the report by Bisher. May be nonsense, but certainly plausible.

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