Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, to nobody's surprise at 1 AM this morning the Senate Democrats managed to cut off debate on the healthcare legislation that is the product of the scummiest senators money can buy. Ace has more information on what lies ahead in regards to this bill; seems there are a few more votes to go then I thought, and quite frankly, this whole process has ruined the holidays for me.

Meanwhile, there is another organization that I want to shed a little light on that is named GOOOH.
GOOOH stands for "Get Out Of Our House" and is pronounced like the word GO. Our mission is to replace the 435 career politicians who have taken over our House of Representatives with everyday Americans just like you, perhaps even you. GOOOH is a non-partisan process that:

1. Allows you and your peers to actively participate in the selection of your representative.
2. Allows you and your peers to determine, among yourselves, who can best represent your District.
3. Replaces career politicians with true representatives.
4. Ends the influence of special interest groups.
5. Holds representatives accountable.
This organization is no Johnny Come Lately, in fact it was originally started in 2007, before the Tea Party was even thought of. While the Tea Party has a decidedly conservative lean to it, GOOOH is not about parties, but rather an effort to oust career politicians. They do endorse some stances that are considered conservative, like term limits, but for the most part they just wish to get a different breed of American citizen involved in politics and rather than continue to rail against the entrenched Beltway Mafia, which is having limited effect, throw the bums out.

A lot of people think this is too radical a move, fearing that less knowledgeable people occupying the Congress would result in a poorer form of government. I don't ascribe to that theory for the simple reason that the House of Representatives is elected every two years. You could replace the entire House and in two years if you feel you want your old representative back simply vote them back.

Anyway, check them out and if so inclined sign up and take their questionnaire and get added to the database. It is worth your while whether or not you want to be considered as a candidate to browse through their questionnaire and answer the questions to yourself.

I just want to stress that while the Tea Party is trying to affiliate themselves with this group, GOOOH was there first; GOOOH does not propose to lean one way or the other, realizing that a Republican would have as much chance of succeeding in San Francisco as a Hooters waitress would have of developing a meaningful relationship with Tiger Woods. Their goal quite simply is sweep incumbents out and apply a little industrial strength Fabreeze to the halls of Congress.

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