Saturday, December 19, 2009

Was Your Democrat Senator Too Stupid To Get a Bribe?

If your Democrat senator didn't get some sort of sweetheart deal from Harry Reid in exchange for a yes vote on the healthcare bill I think you owe them a phone call to find out why. Of course, if they didn't get some sort of bribe are they really the sort of person you want to send back to Washington? I mean after all if they can't get exemption for their state from having to fund Medicaid like Ben Nelson (D-NE) did, or $300 million like Mary Landrieu (D-LA) did, or even avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders (S-VT), who got a break on the Medicaid funding, are they really smart enough to hold the job they have?

Sure, I can understand why a freshman senator like Al Franken (Comedian-MN) couldn't get something. I mean after all he hasn't paid his dues yet and besides, he has one of the biggest symbols of our broken medical system, the Mayo Clinic, in his state. No sense rewarding him since they are a part of the problem.

C'mon, Democrats, I know you can unite behind this cause. If your Senator doesn't have enough clout or isn't smart enough to figure out how to wrangle some sort of bennie out of Harry Reid (Mormon-NV) maybe it's time to replace them. Hell, even Blue Dog Dems in the House can get Nancy Pelosi (Aging Hippie-CA) to throw them a bone every once in awhile for their vote, so I would think a Senator should be able to figure out how to get it done.

Oh, as far as the Senate is concerned, you see American people aren't really concerned that you are bankrupting this country and saddling our great-grandkids with a mountain of debt; what really impresses us is what it takes to buy your vote. Of course, the vote of the average American comes much cheaper. A building with your name on it to remind the good folks back home what a heck of a job you are doing is normally sufficient.

Yes sir, I sit in absolute awe of the truly unique ways you come up with to get that little million dollar earmark worked into a defense bill that goes for building a nice bike path in your district. We didn't need that money for defense and besides, those silly little terrorists will be so worn out from riding their bikes on that new path all day that they won't be able to carry out some sort of attack.

Yup, when I grow up I want to learn just how it is I can go up to somebody and get them to take millions or billions of dollars from a bunch of unsuspecting fools and give it to me and all I have to do in exchange is nod my head and agree.

One last question. Why is Bernie Madoff in jail instead of the Senate?

And Nancy, Merry Christmas!

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