Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Golfer: My Incompetence Led to Christmas Bomber Plot

Ha! Fooled you. Of course Obama would never accept the slightest bit of responsibility. It's all Bush's fault or something. But at least he's back in his comfort zone, appearing now for a second straight day on television, snapping a three-day lapse preceded by a thousand straight days in our faces on seemingly every television channel in existence.
President Obama on Tuesday strongly condemned the "mix of human and systemic failures" that let a terrorist with a bomb in his briefs slip onto a Northwest Airlines plane on Christmas Day.

Obama said the government had information on a known extremist which was "not shared and acted upon as it should have been."

"I consider that totally unacceptable," he said.

Obama's blunt statement echoed that of many critics who said the near-disaster showed America's air security system isn't working.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's U.S. visa was never revoked, even though his father, a prominent Nigerian banker, warned the United States in November that his radicalized son had vanished and might be a threat.

Obama called it a "potentially catastrophic breach of security" that could have killed nearly 300 people.

"Even without this one report, there were bits of information available within the intelligence community that could have and should have been pieced together," he said.

"The suspect would have never been allowed to board that plane for America."

The President, who is vacationing in Hawaii, has ordered two reviews: one on how Abdulmutallab didn't make it onto the terrorist watch list and another into the airport security screening flaws that allowed him to get on a plane with explosives sewn into his briefs.

He said he expects preliminary results Thursday and a fuller report in a few weeks.
I'm sure he must be back on the links by now, but the poor thing just might want to take it slow considering how exhausted he is.
After a sleepless, overnight flight to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize earlier this month, President Barack Obama made a not altogether surprising admission. He was tired.
Does he have the slightest clue how tired we are of him?

I had the pleasure of not witnessing his last two staged readings of his Teleprompter. Has he yet uttered either the word Muslim or terrorist? Let's hope some of his handlers help him digest this news.

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