Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dumbest NFL Trick Play Ever?

After being disemboweled by the New York Giants to the tune of 24-0 in the first half last night (and it wasn't even that close), the Washington Redskins tried to pull off one of the dumbest trick plays I've ever seen. Considering they were fortunate to even be in field goal position, everyone in the building and watching on television expected a field goal attempt before they scurried off the field in shame. So after they line up, they shifted seven men wide to the left. Since the Redskins had fooled the Giants on a trick play for a touchdown in the previous meeting this year, New York Coach Tom Coughlin wisely called timeout.

You think at that point Washington just goes for a regular field goal try. But no! They come out and try the same thing again, with predictably disastrous results. The holder (the Washington punter) takes the snap and is nearly decapitated as three Giants come free at him and he heaves a pass that is intercepted and then nearly returned after Michael Johnson gets at least halfway down field.

Maybe this was Jim Zorn's poke in the eye to owner Daniel Snyder. If I were Zorn I may not have even come out on the field after that disgraceful performance in the first half, which was followed up by an equally pathetic second half en route to a 45-12 drubbing.

Thanks to Ace for the link. Plenty of wiseguy comments over there.

How soon I forget. Maybe coaches ought to start donating their brains to science.

Thanks also to Allahpundit for the link.

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