Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Your Faux Outraged Muslim Of The Day

Nothing like a good ol Muslim with hurt feelings to warm the cockles of your heart.

In this case a woman is suing the Atlanta Police Department for $240,000 because somebody on their honor guard dared, dared I say, to laugh at her when she said she was going to wear a hijab while performing her duties at a funeral.

In the typical western fashion of over reacting to all things Muslim, the APD has since disbanded their honor guard.
Helen Lane alleges that the head of the voluntary guard laughed at her when she told him she would wear her hijab at a September 2006 funeral. She said she felt “humiliated, hurt and was traumatized” by the laughter.

Well that is far worse then being blown up, stoned, or imprisoned for say, wearing a crucifix in an Muslim country.

Apparently the trauma was so severe that it took her 3 years to put her life together and file a lawsuit.

Oh and honey guess what? Now the rest of the America can laugh at you too.

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