Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why Did Governors Wait So Long To Speak Up on Democrat Healthcare Bill?

Jammie wrote earlier about how suddenly even the blind governor of New York can see what a debacle for the states the current healthcare legislation stalking the halls of Congress like a zombie that can't be killed is going to be.

Georgia's governor Sonny Perdue has added his voice to the chorus, but my question is, why did they wait so long? The deed appears to be done. We are all facing the executioner's axe and his arms are about to begin the downward arc that will sever the body, leaving it's victim unable to proclaim its innocence any longer.

Governor Perdue issued the following statement today regarding the latest version of the U.S. Senate’s healthcare reform legislation.
“I am utterly dismayed and disappointed by the vote buying that has occurred in the United States Senate in order to pass a measure that most citizens are against. If this reform was truly the right policy for our country, we wouldn’t see waffling Senators lining up like game show contestants hoping to win today’s jackpot of a special deal from Harry Reid.

"This bill places an unsustainable burden on the backs of Georgia’s taxpayers, and will lead to either higher state taxes or massive cuts to basic state services in years to come. I join governors from around the country of both parties in asking our representatives and senators to listen to the public outrage against this bill and stop this mistake before it occurs.”
Harry Reid and the Democrats in Congress are no more interested in what governors say then they are any other citizen of this country. They have a bill to pass, dammit, and nothing will prevent them.

I don't belong to the camp that tries to see some sort of victory because by passing this bill the Dems will be made to pay in the next elections for one simple reason.

Name me just one government program, that once enacted, was ever stopped? Once the deed is done there is no going back, and the next election is not going to change that.

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