Saturday, December 26, 2009

For Those About to Rock, Uh, Find Something Else To Do

Forget about having any fun at this planned AC/DC concert. The animal rights wackos are calling the shots.
AUSSIE rockers AC/DC could have to cancel a sold-out concert because their big sound poses a danger to rare birds.

Animal rights campaigners are threatening legal action if the veteran band goes ahead with a gig planned for Wels airport in Austria in May.

Hans Uhl of BirdLife said birds nesting in the area at the time would be threatened by anthems such as Highway To Hell and You Shook Me All Night Long.
The commenters are taking it well.
It's not just the birds at risk here. Think of the Carbon Emissions and Noise Pollution. I suggest we get Rudd and Wong on the case immediately. (They should have recovered from their junket to Copenhagen by now). If not for our sake, for the sake of our children, and our children's children, and their children's chldrens's next door neighbours.

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