Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Traficant Says 'Deal Me In'

Convicted felon and former U.S. Representative Jim Traficant told a group of businessmen that he will indeed run for elected office in 2010.
“I’m going to run,” Traficant declared before some 35 members of The Biz Society assembled at the Rosetta Stone restaurant downtown to launch the group’s Youngstown chapter.

Traficant said he still isn’t sure which district he’ll throw his hat in, but he has nominating petitions circulating in three congressional districts-–the 17th, the 6th and the 16th. And, the former congressman noted he hasn’t decided on whether to run as a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, or perhaps on another party ticket.

“I’m going to run for Congress somewhere,” he said.
Let the games begin. Of course for a lot of us the only difference between Traficant and the majority of the folks who inhabit the halls of Congress is the fact that he actually got convicted.

My advice to him, however, is to run on the Democrat ticket; that way the media will ignore all past transgressions. I can't wait for the coming soundbites.

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