Monday, December 21, 2009

'It's Like Elmer's Glue'

Looking to unleash your inner Guido? How about some grooming tips from this creature known as Pauly D, star of the MTV reality series "Jersey Shore," a program that has set evolution back several millennia. Having watched a total of about five minutes of this trainwreck, I can say had Pauly spent as much time studying as he does working on his hair, his IQ may have reached 70.
There are few hair styles that can create a national sensation: Farrah Fawcett's windswept 'do, Jennifer Aniston's "Rachel" style; Kate Gosselin's reverse-mullet cut.

And now - Pauly D's "blowout."

Paul Delvecchio, better known as DJ Pauly D, one of the newest cast members of MTV's overnight reality sensation "Jersey Shore," has received as much attention for his hair style as his housemates have for their partying and fighting.

"Before the show, I always stood out because of my hair," Pauly says. "Now, perfect strangers are coming up to me and asking how I do it."

So how does the self-described "guido" perfect his signature blowout? With two important elements: lots of time and even more hair gel.

"It takes me 25 minutes to do the whole process and get it right," the Rhode Island native says. Delvecchio invited the Daily News to witness the lengthy transformation.

The 28-year-old starts with a head of clean, wet hair that takes roughly 10 minutes to blow it dry. He continues the drying process over the next five minutes and carefully lifts his thick, brown mane with a plastic styling brush.

Delvecchio then reaches for his key ingredient: Joico's Ice Spiker, a water-resistant "styling glue" that promises to produce a "cement finish."

"It's like Elmer's glue. It's got the strongest hold. There's nothing else on the market like it," he says as he squeezes a handful of the white paste into his hand and begins the tedious application.

As he looks into the mirror, Pauly rubs the adhesive around the perimeter of his hair and carefully styles the strands into a spike that gives Sonic the Hedgehog a run for his money.

To finish off the look, Delvecchio applies Got2b's Glued Spiking Freeze spray. One more blast of heat from the blow-dryer sets the style.

The finished product is a heavily styled, lacquered head of hair that resembles a crown and is solid to the touch.
He indeed is a cement head.

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