Thursday, December 31, 2009

Illinois Governor Shows Why Gitmo Prisoners Shouldn't Be Sent There

Just a little oops. Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL), who took over after Rod Blagojevich left office to pursue a reality show career or something, released some 1700 prisoners before they were supposed to.

Hey just a minor inconvenience to the folks of Illinois, right? I wonder what would have happened if, say, some guests of that new prison being proposed to house Gitmo detainees had been on the list?

Of course it isn't much worse then the current policy of releasing them back to the countries in which they received their advanced degrees in jihadism, but at least we had them out of the country.
The inmates were set free after an unannounced change in prison practice ... that Quinn now calls a "big mistake." He blamed his Corrections director, Michael Randle, but did not fire him.

The new policy gave prisoners 6 months of "good time" just for entering the jail. Hell I am surprised the guards even had time to close the cell doors before these guys were being released.
Corrections stopped requiring them to serve at least 61 days and gave them up to six months' good-conduct credit, or "meritorious good time," immediately upon entering the lockup, before they had a chance to display any kind of behavior.
Democrats want to treat terrorism like a law enforcement issue, but they already screw that up so bad I certainly wouldn't feel any safer, no matter how many guarantees I get from former Gitmo prisoner defense attorney and now US Attorney General Eric Holder.

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