Monday, December 28, 2009

Oops: The Incredible 'JFK Photo' That Wasn't

All sorts of buzz flying around earlier over this photo. Well, it's not JFK and it wasn't taken in the mid-1950s as speculated. Yeah, I know: Hard to believe a site as reputable as TMZ got one wrong. When I first saw it I thought it plausibly was RFK, not his brother.

Egg, meet face.
The photo that had people believing John F. Kennedy partied with a boatload of naked women turned out to be a Playboy shoot from 1967.

The photo was part of a nine-page spread on how to have a good party aboard a yacht, a Playboy spokeswoman told The Post.

Earlier today, published a photo showing a man who appeared to be Kennedy on a boat full of naked women.

The creased, black and white photo shows one naked woman jumping off the side of the boat, another climbing up a ladder back onto the boat and two others sunning themselves.

Then there is a man who looked like Kennedy lying on the deck. He is wearing swimming trunks.

The Playboy spokeswoman said a color version of the photo showed the man clearly wasn't Kennedy.
Update: The Smoking Gun has the Playboy spread and color image. The dumbasses at TMZ still have the story up.

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