Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Creative Depravity

You just have to wonder sometimes how the human mind can think of warped things like this. Just sick.
A FORMER sex educator who paid teenage boys to inject medication into his penis will serve more jail time after Queensland Attorney-General Cameron Dick sought a harsher sentence on appeal.

In November 2008, retired Maryborough primary school teacher, sex educator and child carer David Leslie Wharton, 68, was sentenced to three years' prison, suspended after six months, after pleading guilty to crimes he committed 20 years previously.

At the time, the court heard that he groomed a 14-year-old boy into stripping off and exercising for him in 1988 and 1989.

In a written Court of Appeal judgment delivered today, papers said the more clothes the boy removed, the more the teacher would pay him.

"The respondent then massaged the boy and fondled his genitals," documents said.

In September 2009, Wharton pleaded guilty to numerous charges of indecent treatment of a child, relating to offences which occurred during camping trips between December 2004 and July 2008.

For these offences he was sentenced to two years' imprisonment, to be suspended after 114 days.

Court papers said Wharton started supplying the boys with alcohol during the trips and in 2005 he began a "dare book", listing prizes to be awarded for sexual activities.

As a result, one of the boys injected erectile dysfunction medication into the man's penis on four separate occasions.

Three of those times, while Wharton was on bail for the crimes he committed in 1988 and 1989, he paid the boy $10.
Ten bucks?

You also must wonder why on earth they'd let this maniac free after 114 days.

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