Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shocka: Barry O Vetoes a Bill

Well if by veto you mean he returned a bill to Congress that wasn't going to go in to effect anyway, and was just a measure that was a contingency plan anyway.
President Barack Obama has rejected his first piece of legislation from Congress, a stopgap spending bill that never had to take effect.

The White House on Wednesday said Obama exercised his right to send back to the Congress a temporary appropriations bill that lawmakers passed in case a winter storm about two weeks ago would have prevented them from approving a final measure to fund the Defense Department next year. The Dec. 19 blizzard didn't keep them away from the Capitol and they approved the $626 billion defense spending bill before the previous budget expired.
It only took him a year to vote no and that was on a bill that he could have voted present on. Whew, this whole president thing is tough.

Now, watch this drive.

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