Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UK Police Searching for Butt Sniffer

I'm wondering how on earth the "victim" here is so clueless he doesn't realize some weirdo has constantly got his face two inches from his ass.
COPS are hunting a pervert who smelt a supermarket worker's BUM at least 20 times.

The bespectacled man, who is around 40, repeatedly sneaked up behind a 20-year-old employee on consecutive weekends.

CCTV footage shows the 5ft 9in balding ginger weirdo pretending to pick items off shelves before crouching behind the shelf stacker.

With his face near his victim's bum, he seemed to be taking a sniff - and once got so close his nose touched the man.

The unnamed Co-op worker, of Plymouth, Devon, said: "I thought it was all a bit strange. I was shocked and couldn't believe he was in the aisle for that long."

Cops are asking for witnesses to the October 31 and November 7 attacks.
Can Andrew Sullivan account for his whereabouts during that time?

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