Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Swine Flu Goes to the Dogs

Hey, the experts say it's so, and who are we to question experts? Well, except for economic, political and climate experts, that is.
A dog in suburban New York is the first in the nation confirmed to be carrying the same strain of swine flu that is infecting humans, experts said Tuesday.

The 13-year-old mixed breed male, which is recovering, apparently caught the virus from his owner. But Michael San Filippo, a spokesman for the American Veterinary Medical Association, said there’s no evidence that the flu strain can be transmitted from a pet to a person.

“In theory it could happen, but so far it’s really looking like a dead end in pets,” he said.

Dr. Anne Schuchat of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday that animals can carry and spread flu viruses, but such cases are rare and people should not be afraid to enjoy their pets.

The CDC reported this month that swine flu appears to be waning among humans. It said infections were widespread in 25 states, down from 48 in late October.

San Filippo said the diagnosis of the 2009 H1N1 virus was confirmed at two labs, including Iowa State University’s.

The dog, suffering breathing problems, was taken to the Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center in Bedford Hills, N.Y., on Dec. 13.
Public health expert Barack Obama declared a swine flu emergency a couple of months ago. Of course, none of the media experts seem to remember that.

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