Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pornstar Family Values

Just imagine how confused this guy must be. He goes and marries a porn actress and later joins the business. She quits and is now upset that he's still making porn flicks and plans on divorcing him because he won't quit the business.
Adult film star Tera Patrick gave her porn star hubby Evan Seinfeld an ultimatum -- their marriage or his steamy screen career -- and he chose porn, she claims.

In her new memoir, "Sinner Takes All," Patrick recounts how she told Seinfeld, her husband of seven years, last summer that he had to give up starring in X-rated films if he wanted to stay married to her. (Patrick herself had not shot a new video since 2006.) After Seinfeld chose the flicks, the couple split in September.

Writes Patrick: "I said to Evan, 'I'm your wife, and that is the strongest bond two people should have, and that should come first. I've moved on from porn. And I want you to stop. You promised me you'd only do porn for a few years. Your few years are up.' "

When Patrick met Seinfeld, he was an actor on HBO's "Oz" and a bass player in the heavy-metal band Biohazard -- and had yet to take on the adult film world.

"His take was this," Patrick relates. " 'I'm having a great time. I'm having my cake and I get to eat it, too.' "

Patrick, who starred in nearly 100 adult movies during her 10-year career, currently hosts a show on the Playboy TV channel, "School of Sex."

"My big point was this: Almost every couple in porn breaks up, and I didn't want to be another porn statistic," she says in the book. "I didn't want the porn curse to hit us. I've seen it happen to other couples. Doing porn as a husband and wife team is safe, but once one branches out to do people outside the marriage, that's when the trouble seems to set in."
Hard to believe porn careers can affect a marriage, isn't it?

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