Monday, December 21, 2009

Punchy California Governor Gives Obama an 'A' for Effort

I have to figure he's angling for some sort of czar appointment when his term is over. Maybe he can be the Steroid Abuse Czar or something. Apparently it's some combination of steroids and blows to the head that have him giving this miserable failure a grade of 'A' for his disastrous first year in office. Heck, even the megalomaniac himself could only come up with a "solid B+" and that was met with widespread derision.
Not every Republican is a critic of President Obama. At least one thinks the president is doing a fine job – at least when it comes to the effort involved in being the country’s chief executive.

Asked to give Obama a grade as the end of the president’s first year in office approaches, Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s Republican governor, gave Obama high marks.

“When it comes to effort, [Obama] should get a straight A,” Schwarzenegger told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King in an interview that aired Sunday on State of the Union.

“He’s out there with tremendous energy and he’s selling his ideas. And he has great enthusiasm there. He’s a great speaker, a great communicator.”
Great communicator? Hello? Anybody home? The guy can't put a sentence together without the aid of a TelePrompter and he's a great communicator? He could hardly sell his healthcare scam to his own party and they had to ram it through in the dead of night. I always knew this guy was a RINO. Now he even makes them look bad.

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