Monday, December 21, 2009

Exchange Rate Now 1,000 Palestinians To 1 Israeli

Show of hands. Who didn't see this coming?

Once again news is coming out of Israel that the negotiations related to the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit has hit another snag. Of course the article blames Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The problem this time? The terrorist organization Hamas wants 1,000 criminals delivered to the West Bank. Netanyahu prefers that they be delivered to Gaza or deported aboard. I can remember when these negotiations begin the number started at 400 I think. The Palestinians have always increased their demands and managed to always shift the blame to the Israelis.
Netanyahu had earlier agreed to allow some Hamas prisoners, who have shed Israeli blood, to be released to their homes in the West Bank . Now, according to the source, Netanyahu is demanding they be released either to Gaza or be deported abroad.
I don't see how releasing them into Gaza would be that big a deal. They can walk to the West Bank from there. As far as being deported, the Palestinians have enough money from all of the western countries to buy them air fare back home. On the other hand I can't think of any sane, rational country wanting to allow confirmed Muslim terrorists into their borders willingly.

The Palestinians are not serious about releasing Gilad. They never have been. I do however think that they are also setting the exchange rate for a human life. If 1 Israeli is equal to 1,000 Palestinians, I think it would be in Israel's best interest to impose this same exchange rate the next time a Palestinian suicide bomber explodes somewhere in Israel.

The Palestinians have set the conditions.

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