Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Progressives Immolate One Of Their Own

The touchy feely Progressives who are all about caring for the least among us and constantly extolling the virtues of being a big tent group and welcoming of all views have once again decided to crucify one of their own.

The unpardonable sin this time?

Appearing on a Fox News show.

Jane Hamsher, who is no saint, appeared on the Fox program Fox and Friends this morning, and while I saw her I had the television muted because quite frankly I could care less what this hate-filled human being had to say, but I was still surprised to see her on the show.

To me it only made sense, since if she wanted to get whatever message she was promoting out and reach the most people, Fox News is where you go. Why bother with one of the liberal leaning networks where at best you have an audience of half a dozen, and half of them landed on the channel by accident.

Ms. Hamsher runs a web site called Firedoglake; look it up yourself, I won't link to it since quite a bit of the content is not safe for work or small children. She was one of the driving forces a couple of years ago to get Ned Lamont elected to the Senate to replace Joe Lieberman. You may remember this picture she Photoshopped putting Lieberman in blackface.

Well, since she has appeared on the program the lefty blogosphere has been ripping her apart. Such a loving group of people.

She belongs to the same collective which last week was blasting Lieberman for his statements that he might not vote for the Senate healthcare bill and demanding an investigation into the business and social activities of his wife.

What a difference a few days make. Now she is the one advocating the signing of a petition to send to Congress to kill the bill, while conveniently forgetting that just a few days ago they wanted to slow roast Sen Lieberman over a fire.

It hasn't been a good day for the Democrats. It started by having one of their champions going right into the heart of the enemy camp and ended with the announcement of a Democratic house member from Alabama announcing he was switching parties.

It seems like just yesterday we were being told that the Republican Party was in total disarray and on the verge of collapse.

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