Monday, December 28, 2009

Priorities: Obama Finally Interrupts His Golf Game Because Some Kid Got a Boo-Boo

It took three full days to get his TelePrompter ready to issue a statement on the would-be Christmas Day Panty Bomber. He probably racked up an easy 54 holes in that duration. Following that performance he quickly hit the links again only to be foiled by some crumb-cruncher taking a spill back at the luxurious estate he's staying at.

Marshall the Secret Service, put the press pool on standby. Now we've got a situation on our hands and not a moment to waste.
President Obama abruptly cut short a golf game and an ambulance sped toward his family's Hawaii vacation home after the child of a family friend suffered a minor injury.

White House aides said the quick departure from the golf course had nothing to do with national security or a threat to the president's safety.

CNN said the child of one of his golfing partners cut his chin and needed stitches.

The father was golfing with the president when it happened, and the President wanted to bring the father to the child.
He really cares. No doubt he can come out and deliver another speech on how he, as First Dad, just knew the pain and anguish the poor father was suffering through. I imagine if it were a threat to national security he'd have been kept abreast while continuing to finish his 18 holes.

Man's got his priorities in order.

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