Thursday, March 10, 2011

Banned In Oregon: Confederate Flag

Those hateful, bigoted and misguided touchy-feely liberals from the left coast are once again putting their stereotypical leftist thinking front and center again, and in so doing have exposed themselves as the hypocrites that they are.

A school district in Oregon, Phoenix-Talent, has fired a school bus driver for daring, daring I tell you, to have a Confederate flag on his personal pick-up truck. The fact that this guy had the audacity to park his personal vehicle at work was enough to get him fired.
Webber said he was fired Tuesday for gross insubordination after refusing for the second time to take the flag off his CB antenna while parked in the bus yard in Talent, which is owned by the Phoenix-Talent School District.
Why do I say hypocrites? Well, it seems in the entire school district of 24,064 people they have an astounding 189 folks of African-American descent. In my neck of the woods, we have more then that in the parking lot of Wal-Mart at any given moment.

This really does trample on the First Amendment rights of this guy and is just unbelievable. These same folks would absolutely go apoplectic if they were to actually come south and see all the Confederate flags flying around here. It is on everything from apparel to bumpers to commercials. This is the sort of thing that just makes me scratch my head and wonder what the hell these people are thinking, and the answer I get back each time is they aren't thinking.

They took this action in a preemptive attempt to prevent somebody from being offended. Talk about about a bunch of people eaten up by white guilt, this is them. Notice they didn't say anybody was offended, but rather they might be offended. I have scoured the Constitution and for the life of me I can't find a right to not be offended. I get offended all the time, from the Westboro freaks to their compatriots on the crazy train, which seems to be a high-speed rail project all on its own, from the envirowackos to antiwar protesters.

I wonder how the good folks of Oregon would feel if we decided to ban references to beavers because it might offend someone?



rich b said...

Well now we're, uh, they're banning thought and expression. Someone needs to check with the Constitution of the U.S. It is supposed to protect theses things - even when unpopular. Ask Woody Harrelleson and Hollywood. That was the entire point of the movie "The People VS Larry Flynt". Then again since Omama became the fraud in chief the rights in the Constitution have been sort of glossed over or ignored.

msspurlock said...

Um, since the Supreme Court ruled the Commies like these Oregonians can do whatever they want with the American flag, there's no way this would stand up to a constitutional test in court.

So, Oregon, up yours. Seriously. We're all sick of you. Just die already.

roylofquist said...

Beaver is a delicacy in The South.