Thursday, March 17, 2011

Delusional Obama: 'We Have Made Extraordinary Progress Over These Last Two Years'

Not just progress, folks. Extraordinary progress. If his measuring stick is an economy teetering on the brink, an impotent foreign policy and an overall cluelessness, indeed, his progress is extraordinary. Two years in and the guy's a punchline, reduced almost to fulltime status as a sports fan with a high profile. Wow, we can all relate to the guy. He's so cool!

He's in over his head and we're left to suffer.
President Obama boldly proclaimed Wednesday that he had fulfilled his most daring but abstract 2008 campaign pledge: "Change we can believe in."

Obama told a gathering of top donors and Democratic officials that, while his work is not finished, "we have made extraordinary progress over these last two years."

"When you look back at the track record of work that we've done over the last two years, I think it's fair to say the promise we made to the American people has been kept, that we have delivered in change that we can believe in," Obama said.
So according to this man-child, his most significant achievement has been a campaign slogan. I dread to see the day in 2015 when he's declared he's won the future.

Meanwhile, all the change, golf and basketball is taking a toll on the poor guy.
The president acknowledged that the presidency is exhausting, but he said he is enjoying the job.

"There are times where Michelle reminds me that I volunteered for this job," Obama said to laughs. "Because she looks at me and I looked tired. But I'm telling you, I am having an extraordinary time, because there aren’t many moments in our lives where we know that we’re making a difference. And this is one of those moments."
Oh, he's making a difference all right. Problem is it's all negative.

A fifth of the public think we're heading on the right track and he thinks he's making a difference? And now the exhausted man will jet off to Rio to relax a bit. Hope he works some golf in and is able to keep up to date with his NCAA brackets.


Teqjack said...

Like you, I do believe in the changes - but am not in favor of them.

One that is seldom noted is that his campaign promised "Hope and Change" but the horrible changes delivered are destroying hope. At least, the hopes of US citizens. No doubt the hope of the Libyan dictator that this administration would let him proceed with impunity have been realised. And the Venezuelan dictator has doubtlessly had his hopes raised by the failures to approve trade agreements, especially with Colombia.

rich b said...

Hussein meant hope and "chains" when he made those campaign slogans. We didn't hear him right.

As to Hussein Omama - how can you stand there and lie with a straight face to the American people and expect us to believe your shit. This is why so many decent folks hate politicians (and by default lawyers). I can't wait to vote your sorry ass out in two years. 

Go back to Ayers, Dohrn, ACORN, and the SEIU and your community, er, communist organizing and leave the USA to people that love her.