Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dumbest Poll Ever: 'Palin Trails Sheen With Independents'

How cute. A supposedly reputable polling outfit has decided to compare Sarah Palin with Charlie Sheen. I was unaware Sheen had declared himself a candidate for the White House.
We've found a lot of brutal poll numbers for Sarah Palin so far in 2011: down in South Dakota, down in South Carolina, down in Arizona, only up by 1 point in Texas, only up by 1 point in Nebraska to name a few. But this has to be the worst- independent voters say they would support Charlie Sheen over Palin for President by a 41/36 margin. Seriously.

Despite her deficit with independents Palin does lead Sheen 49-29 overall. We also tested Barack Obama against Sheen and the President leads 57-24.
More at the PDF.
In yesterday’s release, 86% of Democrats viewed Palin negatively, versus only 64% who see Sheen that way. Similarly, 86% of Republicans disapprove of Obama’s job performance, while 73% see Sheen unfavorably. Naturally, then, Democrats would still prefer Sheen to Palin (44-24) and Republicans Sheen to Obama (37-28). Apparently Democrats are even more intense in their hatred of Palin than Republicans toward Obama. Thus, Palin “only” beats Sheen, 49-29, but the president does, 57-24.

“The fact that Republicans and Democrats would vote for Charlie Sheen over the opposing party’s nominee shows how polarized things have become in America,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling.
The fact PPP would even sink to such juvenile levels shows they cannot be taken seriously. They also unearth this nugget.
44% of Americans think Fox News should continue to run Glenn Beck’s show to 32% who think he should be fired. Actual viewers of the network are strongly supportive of Beck, while those who don’t watch it think he should go.
Kind of like all those people who don't listen to Rush Limbaugh but want him off the air.


rich b said...

And where was this "poll" taken? South Chicago? Something smells. And as ridiculous as it sounds I just might prefer Charlie Sheen over someone such as ... Eric Holder.

Charles Hailer said...

<span>"I was unaware Sheen had declared himself a candidate for the White House."</span>

Astute observation! I had no idea that Sarah Palin had declared herself a candidate either...

Arcadian said...

At this point all the poll tracking sites (Real Clear Politics, Talking Points Memo,, Five Thirty Eight, etc) must remove PPP from their list of polls that they accept as valid.

Tom Jensen is a moron and fool.  He should be laughed out of the business immediately.