Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The New Tone: Democrat Flack Says Walker is Waging 'Jihad' Against Unions

I guess this jerk forgot about the new civility. Oh, forget about that. That was just a means to neutralize freedom of speech for conservatives. Liberals can apparently do and say anything they want.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) jihad against public employee unions is about 30 years late and likely to make Republicans even less popular with voters, who endorse collective bargaining rights for public employees — professionals for whom they have abiding respect. It’s no wonder smart Republican governors, who are a bit closer to their constituencies than their congressional counterparts, regularly demur when asked to endorse Walker’s approach.

Once upon a time, Americans were worried about what they regarded as inordinate “union power” — that was back in the 1980s. In 1981, 60 percent of Americans told a CBS/New York Times poll that labor unions had “too much influence.” Today, just 37 percent express that fear. In Gallup’s data, anti-union sentiment, never very prevalent, also peaked in 1981.
How convenient he's quoting a bogus poll manufactured by the New York Times. If these liberals really believe this is a winning issue for them, by all means go ahead and run on a union platform in 2012.

Now he's really going off the tracks.
Before swallowing the attendant sixth-grade statistical analysis, do the following thought experiment: Would you expect people with higher levels of education to have higher salaries and benefits, on average, than those with lower levels of education? Of course you would. Public employees tend to be better educated than their private-sector counterparts. One careful study revealed that while 28 percent of private-sector employees had a college degree, 53 percent of state and local employees had attained that level of education.
Of course he doesn't bother citing this alleged study purportedly demonstrating how smart public employees are. Where is the evidence of this alleged careful study? Where is the link?

If anyone's behaving like jihadists, I'd argue it's the union supporters.


srdem65 said...

This guy has obviously never had to deal with the dimwits at the DMV.

Steve Close said...

Hear that, private unions? Mark Mellman says you're DUMB because you make less money! His name again, is Mark Mellman. That's M-E-L-L...

bandit said...

Call it jihad when they start flying planes into office buildings or blowing themselves up on buses. Until then it's a new Godwin's Law and you lose.

James Hlavac said...

Well, the new civility was just defined today by the US Supreme Court -- it's perfeclty fine to say anything -- even the most vicious baseless stuff, right up to violent rhetoric meant to incite people to violence. In an 8-1 decision the court concluded that anything thing might be hurled in the name of free speech.

Or was that just anything against gay folks? I'm not sure.