Friday, March 18, 2011

NPR Honcho: Cutting Off Our Taxpayer Money Will Harm Millions of Americans

When even liberals realize NPR has to move away from taxpayer subsidies, you know which way the wind is blowing. But the executives there just don't get it, do they?
These days, I’m frequently asked, “Can public broadcasting survive without federal funding?” I understand the reason for the question — we all understand the terrible burden of our national debt — but the real question is, “What’s the cost to the nation of defunding public broadcasting?”

Eliminating federal funding would seriously damage public broadcasting and harm millions of Americans who rely on us. Period.
So clearly this woman isn't prepared to argue coherently why they should continue to empty our pockets to spread their message. Plain and simple, it's scare tactics. Without your money, it will harm millions? Uh, it stands to reason far more many millions will be harmed by an economy in ruins and a lifetime of debts, not by the potential loss of some obscure radio station they never listen to.
Defunding public broadcasting would eliminate thousands of jobs in public radio alone. It would cause a significant number of small NPR member stations to turn off their microphones, shut down their transmitters and close the door permanently.

NPR is successful not because we’re smarter than anyone else — we aren’t. And it’s not because we don’t have to worry about the bottom line. Believe me, we do.
Up until they were busted and beaten down by James O'Keefe they sure did have that air of smug superiority. But now they're admitting they're not smarter than us? My, how a video sting sure changes things.

She also claims a poll supports public funding, without citing the source. Not a very credible argument.
Americans believe in federal funding for public broadcasting. Last month, a bipartisan national survey showed that 69 percent of Americans oppose the elimination of federal funding for public media.
Where is this so-called "bipartisan" survey? I could just as easily cite an online poll where 72% say they do not want public funding.

The sooner these people get with the program and learn to support themselves they better off they'll be. Enough of the hysteria and scare tactics. If the Democrats insist on staying the course here and forcing Americans to subsidize a biased news operations they're just going to face a greater backlash.

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Rose said...

Cut NPR - NEA - PBS, and every PENNY of anything related to NEA - and the Public Service Ads and catalogues out of Pueblo Colorado.
Everything.  En Toto.

cut it and slash it, and dismantle it and obliterate it, revoke it,
Oh, sell the station licenses - don't just DEFUND the NPR and PBS - yank those LICENSES away - if they want to operate as Private businesses without Govt funding, LET THEM BUY THEIR OWN LICENSES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!

And prosecute those who operate as Dictators against the Constitution.
Especially for plagerism, and perjury and slander and libel against the Constitution and Patriots.