Monday, August 01, 2011

Little Mikey Lupica: Why Did Obama Deal With These Crackpot, Anarchist Conservatives?

Little Mikey Lupica, ace jocksniffer, is just loving him some of the new tone, where name-calling is a thing of the past.

Oh, wait.
The opponents of President Obama - who sure didn't cover himself in glory throughout this process, who looks weaker than ever to his own base as he keeps trying to talk tough about the other side - are giddy that they have somehow turned him into the Accountant-in-Chief in the year before an election year.

These are the crackpots who have designated themselves to speak for Conservative America. Only they don't act like conservatives. They act like anarchists.

As long as they can damage Obama, they don't care about the collateral damage to the economy, or to the country. We don't just need rescuing from the political leaders of this country. We need rescuing from self-proclaimed patriots like this lot.
Yes, because as the majority in this nation, those crackpot anarchists don't have to live here or anything. None of the Obama economy has any bearing on their lives. They just want to do damage that doesn't cost them anything or something.

Let's not stop Lil' Mikey from getting his hate on.

As always, it comes back to Bush.
Their goal isn't so much reducing the deficit as getting the guy in the White House out of office, hiding behind the great lie of this whole debt-ceiling debate - that somehow this is all Obama's fault.

Only it is his predecessor, George W. Bush, who truly deserves a lot more blame in this than he is getting from Republicans, and their various propaganda machines in the news media.
The little guy laments "propaganda machines" in the media, then goes on to quote Paul Begala. Sweet.


Gene Tighe said...

Mr. Lupica should stick to sports...which at least he knows a little something about...

A Goy said...


The Anti-Bush Party and the media (redundancy, yes) spent every day for YEARS attacking the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress with a 'though the heavens fall' recklessness from which we've never recovered. All of this because Al Gore couldn't carry his own home State in 2000. Where was this feckwit Lupica with his nonsense about 'anarchists' then, eh?