Thursday, August 04, 2011

The New Civility: 'If President Obama Came In With a Cure for Cancer They Would Have Turned That Down, Too'

So glad we're past calling Republicans terrorists. It's so obvious they want people to die of cancer because clearly anyone on the right side of the aisle is immune from such diseases.
New York could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicare and homeland security money because of the Tea Partiers who "played chicken" with President Obama - and won.

New York Democrats tallying up the local costs of the $2.1 trillion deficit reduction deal say New York will pay a steep price.

"They played chicken, and they won," one Democratic staffer said.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney said Republicans came away with more from the bargaining table because they refused to budge on tax hikes.

"If President Obama came in with a cure for cancer they would have turned that down, too," she said.
Maybe if we cut back on Obama's vacation and party fund there'd be a few more bucks for cancer research.

Meanwhile, the always calm, cool and collected senior senator from New York weighs in:


kj said...

Don't forget the money taxpayers are going to be spending for his "states up for grabs in the next election" bus tour.  It's an "official" bus tour though, not political.  By labeling it such, the bloodsuckers win again.

RickS said...

This is getting as bad as the time when Sarah Palin shot Gabrielle Giffords.

rob.granger said...

Why is it that I beleive his cure would be to kill you before the cancer did, and if you are conservitive probably before you even get cancer...