Monday, August 01, 2011

Union Terrorists Drive Rhode Island City Into Bankruptcy

Well, if the Vice President can call Tea Partiers terrorists, turnabout is fair play, no?
The state-appointed receiver overseeing cash-strapped Central Falls filed for bankruptcy Monday morning on the city's behalf in an effort to help it get back on its financial feet.

Receiver Robert G. Flanders announced the step at City Hall Monday. He was joined by Governor Chafee, who says the move is needed to address Central Fall's finances.

"The current situation is dire," Chafee said, "and it necessitates decisive steps to put the city back on a path to solid financial footing and future prosperity. We will be exploring all options to provide quality services at an affordable cost to all taxpayers."
You know, had they just listened to those evil Tea Party types, this mess could have been avoided.

Oh well.
All contracts with municipal workers and retirees, including the fire and police departments, are immediately voided.

Retirees must begin to pay 20 percent of their medical coverage effective immediately, as Flanders proposed when he met with the city's retirees July 19.
What a tremendous hardship. Now they know how the schmucks in the private sector feel.
"We negotiated with Council 94 and the police and fire unions, without success, attempting to reach voluntary concessions, and we tried in vain to persuade our retirees to accept voluntary reductions in their benefits."
It's quote obvious you can't negotiate with these terrorists who are holding the public hostage, ready to blow up the town's budget.

This is just the first of many cities that the greedy public unions are willing to sacrifice in order to get theirs.


JT said...

yep... biden is a douche with a flippant idiot mouth on his pathetic potato head.  if he's going to label peaceful activists for fiscal responsibility as terrorists then it's open season on the aggressive, violent, destructive activists known as unions, progressive trolls, and 'immigration advocates'.

laZrtx said...

Now fire all public employees. Close down the city until they decide they actually want a job with no benefits. Welcome to the private sector chumps.

Toejam said...

As ye sow so shall ye reap!

Fenway_Nation said...

Have no fear! Former 'moderate' Republican Lincoln Chafee, now RI's 'Independent' governor, is furiously working away to solve his state's financial crisis. Wait- did I say working to solve the state's financial crisis? I meant using state resources to protect a robbery/homicide suspect and career criminal from the Feds!