Thursday, August 18, 2011

Woman Who Used Child to Ambush Perry Worked for Education Department, Went to UT

It's always so predictable with these people. You saw it made painfully clear this woman Kristin Bunce had an agenda and wanted to humiliate Rick Perry. Well, it turns out Bunce is really Marna Kristin Bunce, and we can confirm from earlier she indeed did work for the Department of Education. Note this is from 2000.
Mrs. Beane, 32, is a senior policy adviser in Seattle for the United States Education Department. She graduated from Wellesley College. She received a master's degree in government from the University of Texas and a master's in public policy from Harvard. Her father is the director of development at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. Her mother is the reading specialist at the Monroe Elementary School.

Dr. Beane, 35, is a research associate in nuclear theory at the University of Washington in Seattle. He graduated from Lafayette College and received a doctorate in physics from the University of Texas. His father retired as a partner in J&H Marsh & McLennan, the insurance brokerage firm in New York.
Hmm. So she and her husband both graduated from the University of Texas. Well, then, they must be familiar with Perry already, even though they now reside in New Hampshire. I wonder when she dropped the last name? According to the New York Times, her name was Bunce. Who knows, maybe she's trying to hide something.

No doubt the media will be sure to follow up on her background, right?

Update: As Jeff Emanuel points out, she hates Perry because he's an Aggie. Heh.


rich b said...

Jesus H Christ - with her background she couldn't have been any more progressive than if she had attended college at Berkeley. She's a hideous cliche.

laZrtx said...

Child labor terrorist.

Todzilla said...

If you think asking a Creationist about that in education is ambushing then your'e lost. 

NO creationist should ever be considered for the office of President, regardless of partisan/political belief.

Creationists are stupid, and relish in their stupidity.  They do not give a fuck about America.  All they care about is being stupid for their god.

John Pearson said...

NO person who believes in anthropogenic global warming should ever be considered for the office of president...Warmers are stupid, and relish in their stupidity. They do not give a fuck about America. All they care about is being stupid for their god- Gaia.

I fixed it for you.