Friday, December 18, 2009

Catch And Release

The Dutch have decided to release 13 men who tried to hijack a ship off the coast of Somalia because nobody wanted to prosecute them. They will be free to pursue their piracy and the Dutch even gave them wonderful parting gifts.

A Dutch defence ministry statement said the European Union had decided that the 13 detainees had to be freed because it was impossible to bring charges.

The suspects were seized in the Indian Ocean two weeks ago after allegedly attempting to attack a cargo ship.

They were put back on their own speedboat with some food and fuel.

This is the future of not only fighting piracy but the broader war on terrorism when you follow the law enforcement model. It leaves you shaking your head and glad you don't make your living working aboard a ship.

The pirates have figured out one hell of a business model. Hijack a ship, hold the crew for ransom, rake in millions in protection money which is funneled to your brothers in arms participating in the jihad, and if caught spend a few days getting three hots and a cot courtesy of your intended victims. It is enough to make me want to pursue a career on the high seas. One or two big scores and you are set and the odds seem better then winning the lottery.

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