Monday, December 07, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Clowns Harming the Planet

It's like one giant party in the name of saving the planet. Of course that's not really the agenda as world "leaders" descend on Copenhagen in the private jets and limos. It's all about getting their greedy paws in your pockets while partying hard on your dime.
It is being hyped as the summit that will save the planet.

But according to critics, next week's climate change talks in Copenhagen are more likely to cost the earth.

Researchers have estimated that the bill for the 12-day jamboree will top £130million - and will generate as much greenhouse gas as an entire Africa country.

More than 15,000 delegates and 45,000 green activists are due to descend on the Danish capital over the next two weeks in a meeting described this week by British economist Lord Stern as 'the most important since the Second World War'.

They will be joined by at least 5,000 journalists - including 35 from the BBC alone - and 100 world leaders, including Gordon Brown and Barack Obama.
Wouldn't it be nice if the BBC devoted a couple of those "journalists" into researching the fraud perpetrated at the CRU?
Supporters say the conference costs are a drop in the ocean compared to the benefits of preventing dangerous climate change.

But many climate change believers and sceptics say the talks could do more harm than good.

This week Nasa scientist Dr Jim Hansen - who has argued the case for climate change since the 1980s - says any deal that emerges from the talks will be so flawed, it would be better if the talks end in collapse.

President Obama and Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen have conceded that the conference will not produce a legally binding treaty.

The UN has confirmed that the flights, rail, bus, food and energy from the conference will generate at least 41,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

That's more greenhouse gas than produced by Malawi, Afghanistan or Sierra Leone over the same period.
In fact, it's about the amount 60 smaller countries combined churn out in a year. I really hope a blizzard buries Copenhagen some time in the next couple of weeks. It would serves these bozos right to be stuck in the snow.

Meanwhile, another amateur climatologist weighs in with some really original analysis.
So, it may be legitimate to argue over the proper response to global warming, but it is simply not legitimate to argue whether human activity is causing it. You have to be a Know-Nothing flat-earther to deny that.

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