Saturday, December 12, 2009

Going Lame

These Democrats and their obsession with Sarah Palin is bordering on the comical. Unable to stem to runaway sales of her book Going Rogue with the weak imposter Going Rouge (Amazon ranking: 1,050), the publisher of a book from Barack Obama flunkie David Plouffe attempted a PR stunt in hopes of just outselling Palin for a single day.

Result? Epic fail.
Former Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe is getting his butt kicked by Sarah Palin at bookstores -- and the publishers of his "The Audacity to Win" have issued a plea to boost sales. Noting that Palin's tome, "Going Rogue," is "selling like crazy," Penguin posted a challenge on its Web site to "Beat Palin's Book for a Day." It said: "For just one day . . . let's try to make the sales of David Plouffe's [book] overtake Palin's." Yesterday, Palin was No. 1 on Amazon, with Plouffe at No. 231.
Plouffe's book has now actually inched up to 212. Good luck with those sales, knuckleheads.

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