Friday, December 11, 2009

President Seen With Another Womanizer

Keeping in line with a story over at Hot Air about how public sector, i.e., gubmint is increasing not only the number of people on their payrolls, they are making quite a few of them part of the evil rich in this country we have more details coming out in whole Max Baucus (D-MT) affair which revolves around his nominating a girlfriend for a position as a U.S. Attorney.

Today Politiico has a story about how he took another girlfriend on a trip to Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates while also giving her a little $14,000 pay raise. His staffers however see nothing wrong there.
Baucus defended his decision to nominate her for U.S. attorney, saying she was highly qualified. But reported that Baucus also hiked up her salary by nearly $14,000 in 2008 when she was his state director. And he took her on a trip to Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

Baucus' office denied giving Hanes preferential treatment and said "virtually our entire staff" had salary increases at the time, some in line with Hanes'.

And the office said it was appropriate for Hanes to go to Asia and the Middle East with Baucus.

For the clueless in Washington. No, it is not alright for congress critters to be flying their play toys around at taxpayer expense. While I realize the pay raise in question occurred prior to our current financial meltdown, it is yet just another example of how disconnected those in Washington are from the rest of us. The article doesn't say if her salary came from private funds or taxpayer dollars, given the position she held as a state director, of what I don't know, you almost always have to wonder where the money came from. Hell it could have been campaign contributions for all we know, which should make all of you who contributed to his campaign coffers real happy.

Is it just me or does Obama sure seem to show up in a lot of pictures with guys who have a lot of girlfriends? How long before Michelle gets wise?

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