Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Propaganda Alert: Despite Falling Temps, This Decade 'Likely' Hottest on Record

When in doubt, just keep making it up as you go along. There's no evidence to support this specious claim, yet it'll be the top story worldwide today.
The Noughties is the warmest decade since records began, scientists announced today.

Despite the lack of global warming since 2001, the last ten years remain far hotter than the 1990s – the previous record holder.

New figures from the World Meteorological Organisation also show that 2009 is on course to be the fifth warmest year globally since worldwide temperature readings were first collected in 1850.

Climate scientists said the figures - released on the second day of the Copenhagen climate change talks - showed that the long term global warming trend was still on the rise.

Vicky Pope of the Met Office said: 'This is an indication that the world has not been cooling since 1998, the hottest year on record.

'The rise in temperatures may have flattened off over the last ten years, but global warming is not over.'
So there's no evidence to support their claim yet they throw it out there, the media regurgitates it and we're all supposed to just play along as if it's fact.

When asked for the evidence, the "scientists" report a pack of dogs came and ate the evidence, so just shut up and stop being a denier.

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