Thursday, August 18, 2011

'His Vile Rhetoric Incited the Rioting'

What kind of idiot invites racial arsonist and newest MSNBC star Al Sharpton to a forum on the 20th anniversary of riots he helped instigate?
An East End synagogue has reignited bitterness over the 1991 Crown Heights race riots by inviting the Rev. Al Sharpton to a symposium marking the 20th anniversary of the bloody confrontations.

"It's just an absolute disgrace," said Norman Rosenbaum, whose brother Yankel was killed at the height of the mayhem. "His vile rhetoric incited the rioting."

What revived the nightmare was Sharpton's invitation to appear on a panel on the "State of Black-Jewish Relations: Twenty Years after Crown Heights."

The riots were touched off when 7-year-old Gavin Cato was struck and killed by a car in the motorcade of a Hasidic leader.

Yankel Rosenbaum, an Australian-born Hasidic scholar who had nothing to do with the motorcade, was stabbed to death in the violence that followed.

Sharpton was criticized at the time for saying, in a eulogy for Gavin, that he wasn't killed by a car accident but by "the social accident of apartheid." He led 400 protesters, chanting "No justice, no peace" despite pleas by then-Mayor David Dinkins for calm.

Norman Rosenbaum said the title of the forum falsely implies the four nights of rioting were due to "ongoing problems between the Jewish community and the African-American community."

"It was just wanton criminal attacks," he said. "This is Crown Heights revisionist history," he said of the forum, scheduled for Sunday night.

He said Sharpton "did absolutely nothing then to improve black-Jewish relations -- and nothing since."

Community leader Isaac Abraham, who was invited to the forum, accused The Hampton Synagogue's Rabbi Marc Schneier of trying to gain attention by including Sharpton.

"To get some publicity for your phony West Hampton ethnic bullcrap, you invite the biggest race hustler who played a large part in those four nights of the pogrom," he wrote Schneier.
We linked this last night but it's worth pointing out Sharpton's role once again.


southernsue said...

sharptounge should be in prison, instead in our topsy turvy world, he is an anchor on mnsbc?


GOD will not be mocked, al sharptounge, you will answer for all the mayhem you have caused on this earth.

rich b said...

The fact that the RevRearend Al Pimpton still has any type of forum to spout his racist bullshit is a monument to the stupidity of liberal America. This scumbag has blood on his hands and yet he walks a free man.

Here's hoping for a nasty case of sickle cell or some other ambitious disease to do to Al what the American public won't - end his sorry-ass existance.